Universal Capital Wealth Management

Universal Capital Wealth Management


Universal Capital wealth management offers financial planning and portfolio management services with a full range of financial products and services.  We help our clients achieve specific financial goals that will also provide for future generations.

Wealth management is extremely valuable not only for the ultra-wealthy, but also for investors of more modest means who have meaningful long-term wealth aspirations.  We have the knowledge and experience in designing and managing simple solutions to the complicated issues surrounding investment, planning, tax, and estate dimensions of wealth accumulation, protection, and transfer.  We offer professional help with coordination and implementation.

We coordinate with a variety of advisers and experts that provide guidance across a wide spectrum of investments including cash, fixed-income, equities, and alternative investments. We create a portfolio of assets that meets the investor's risk tolerance while also offering the opportunity for growth.

We are completely independent, abide by a fiduciary standard, and disclose any conflicts of interest with our clients. We may charge a fee or offer products based on commission. All are fully disclosed to our clients.