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Prime Intelligent Portfolio

Our Robo-Advisor can help build and manage your portfolio using cost-effective American Funds portfolios Series SM

Universal Capital Advantages

We believe in creating the opportunity for investors to have a team of experienced money managers actively managing their investments without paying high up-front commissions or management fees.

Minimum account size: $5,000

Annual Advisory Fee: 0.25%*

  • No up-front or back-end commissions
  • No IRA maintenance or custodian fees
  • Low fund expense class offered by American Funds (F-2 shares)
  • Personal Website at no additional fees

Type of Accounts

IRA, SEP-IRA, SIMPLE-IRA, Individual, Joint, Trust


Why Capital Group?

American Funds, by Capital Group, is one of the nation’s largest mutual fund families. For nearly 90 years, Capital Group has invested with a long-term focus based on thorough research and attention to risk.

American Funds Portfolio Series seeks to help investors meet a wide range of investment goals, including preservation of capital, income, balance, and growth. Each fund in the series is an objective-based portfolio of actively managed American Funds.

The managed portfolios built with the care you’ve come to expect from American Funds:

  • No management fees. While some funds of funds charge a management fee, American Funds managed portfolios do not*.
  • Extensive research and testing. Decisions are based on thorough, ongoing research.
  • Closely monitored. If necessary, the Portfolio Solutions and Target Date Solutions Committees may adjust the portfolio’s underlying funds and allocations to pursue the portfolio’s objectives.
  • Made up of American Funds. These are the same funds trusted by many investors and their financial professionals.

Capital Group Portfolio Solutions Committee

The Portfolio Solutions Committee is responsible for the oversight of the American Funds Portfolio Series, American Funds Retirement Income Portfolio Series and other wealth management solutions not tied to a specific time frame or glide path. This team monitors the results and makes all the decisions around asset allocation in the series’ underlying funds.


These portfolios are design with you in mind and aligned with your broad objectives — preservation, balance, and growth — these globally based portfolio funds will provide you with a structured approach to pursuing specific goals as well as broad diversification.


Each of the portfolios represents a blend of individual American Funds with a many years of track record and investment management process.


These portfolios are based on each investor’s time frame, risk tolerance and other factors.


An oversight committee meets regularly to review the Portfolio Series funds’ results and determine if any funds may need to be rebalanced, or whether to make any changes to the target weighting.

Portfolio Series that are offered through our program:

American Funds Global Growth Portfolio SM PGWFX

American Funds Growth Portfolio SM GWPEX

American Funds Growth and Income Portfolio SM GAIEX

American Funds Moderate Growth and Income Portfolio SM BLPEX

American Funds Conservative Growth and Income Portfolio SM INPEX

American Funds Retirement Income Portfolio - Enhanced SM FGFWX

American Funds Retirement Income Portfolio - Moderate SM FHFWX

American Funds Retirement Income Portfolio - Conservative SM FDFWX

American Funds Preservation Portfolio SM PPEFX

American Funds Tax-Exempt Preservation Portfolio MS TXEFX

Investors should carefully consider investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. This and other important information are contained in the fund prospectuses and summary prospectuses, which can be obtained from your financial professional and should be read carefully  before investing. 


Partnering with Charles Schwab 

Schwab provides administration and related services for the Program. Charles Schwab Investment Advisory, Inc. (“CSIA”), an affiliate of Schwab, provides portfolio management services. Risk tolerance and investment objectives are measured through a questionnaire developed by Charles Schwab & Co, Inc. (“Schwab”) which is completed prior to account opening. To receive a copy of PRIME INTELLIGENT PORTFOLIO Program’s brochure and firm ADV, please email to

* the annual investment advisory fee (“Annual Fee”) for the Prime Intelligent Portfolio is a flat 0.25%. UCWM’s Prime Intelligent Portfolio Program fees are billed quarterly in arrears based on the amount of assets managed as of the close of business on the last business day of the previous quarter (excluding cash and cash equivalents). This fee is in addition to the American Funds management fees.