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Prime Intelligent Portfolio

A robo-advisory account with
premium features:

Annual Advisory fee*

0.25% of your account value

Minimum account size: $5,000

Prime Intelligent Portfolio (PIP) is a discretionary robo-advisory account that features a competitive fee structure using cost-effective ETFs through Schwab Intelligent Portfolios®. 

The investment objective of Prime Intelligent Portfolio is to capture equity gains in a rising market while reducing the downside losses during severe market declines by building a portfolio of Select Sector SPDR® ETFs that tracks the S&P 500 Index. You have seven diversified ETFs portfolios to choose from based on your personal risk and investment objectives.

  • Schwab live support 24/7 by US based professionals
  • Automatic re-balancing your portfolio
  • Your account will include a comprehensive personal financial website where you can see all your portfolio holdings, including outside accounts
  • Easy mobile access to your funds 24/7

Why Sector Allocation

We believe that sector allocation, not style or country allocation, is the dominant source of influence on the performance of a portfolio. Sectors are truly unique and independent parts of the economy, and each sector acts differently to a given set of circumstances. We offer investment portfolios in Select Sector SPDR® ETFs such as energy, utility, financial, health care, consumer, technology and real estate sectors.

What we do

UCWM offers Prime Intelligent Portfolios which is a discretionary investment advisory services through its Wrap Fee Program.

We offer seven asset allocation portfolios: From Conservative, Moderate to Growth. Your account portfolio asset allocation will depend on the time that you initial invest. Your portfolio asset allocation will vary and will depend on the Investment Advisor Representative’s decision (IAR). The asset allocation portfolios may not have the same sector allocations and percentages.

Depending upon market conditions, an investor may not always maintain the allocation noted in their portfolio of choice. IAR may allocate 100% of the money into a fixed income fund or cash. And, may have different equity holdings than what is stated.

How we do it

The Equity portion of the portfolio is invested in an eleven sectors of the S&P 500 Index and professionally managed by an Investment Advisor Representative. Depending on when you begin your investment plan, you may not have all eleven sectors invested in your portfolio. The proportion of funds invested in each Sector ETF may vary based on the IAR’s discretion.

To ensure diversification, we select eleven sectors of ETFs that invest in large capitalized and well-established companies who drive their revenues from worldwide sales and operations. These may include the following ETF’s: Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, Energy, Financial, Real Estate, Health Care, Industrial, Material, Technology, Utilities and Communication Services. The Fixed Income portion of the portfolio is invested in the fixed income ETFs.

Downside Protection Strategy

To help reduce the risk of market downside losses, we have implemented a sell trigger signal based on our technical analysis of the eleven sectors.

The above chart illustrates a broad look at the performance of the S&P 500® price index over the last two decades. This roller coaster indexed behavior demonstrates the volatility and unpredictability of the market.

Depending on the evaluation of all the sell trigger signal factors, a sell transaction may or may not take place. The sell decision will be made by the Investment Advisor Representative discretion.

Re-purchase of any Sector ETF will be based on our technical analysis of the eleven sectors. Your portfolio may be re-balanced in order to help control risk and enhance returns based on the IAR’s discretion. 

Schwab provides administration and related services for the Program. Charles Schwab Investment Advisory, Inc. (“CSIA”), an affiliate of Schwab, provides portfolio management services. Risk tolerance and investment objectives are measured through a questionnaire developed by Charles Schwab & Co, Inc. (“Schwab”) which is completed prior to account opening. To receive a copy of PRIME INTELLIGENT PORTFOLIO Program’s brochure and firm ADV, please email to

* .The annual investment advisory fee (“Annual Fee”) for the Prime Intelligent Portfolio is a flat 0.25%. UCWM’s Prime Intelligent Portfolio Program fees are billed quarterly in arrears based on the amount of assets managed as of the close of business on the last business day of the previous quarter (excluding cash and cash equivalents).